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Glória @ NCH, June 2010

Glória‘s 15th anniversary concert in Dublin’s National Concert Hall last night was a wow! Our many months of hard work came together wonderfully well on the night, having struggled through our change of musical directors mid-season: we did them both proud!!!

This was my final concert with Glória, at least for some time. I have been singing with the choir for the past 12 years.  It has been a delightful adventure with many many high points, not least our international travels and our 2005 concert in Dublin with José Carreras.

Reminiscing after last night’s concert with Joan Murphy and Anne Golden, it was their great friendship that facilitated the ‘internationalisation’ of Glória – and at such an early point in the choir’s history. Joan joined Glória at its start in 1994, while Anne ended up in London singing with the Pink Singers, and is now back in Dublin and with Glória. Through their involvement, the ‘Pinkies’ came to Dublin late in 1998 to sing with us in Griffith College, Dublin – hardly a suitable concert venue but, boy, did we make great music together!  It was my ‘virgin’ performance with Glória that night. The return gig brought Glória to London the following April to sing in the acoustically pleasing Duke’s Hall at the Royal Academy of Music with the Pinkies and the Brighton Rainbow Chorus. [I remember vividly it was the weekend before the Admiral Duncan pub bombing in London – yet another indication of why lgbt choirs still have an importance way beyond their music.] The audience, including the singers from the other choirs, was thrillingly enthusiastic about our performance – a great boost to our confidence, however good we really were. 🙂

Legato/Various Voices

The Pinkies were the ones that encouraged us to attend the GALA Choruses Festival 2000 in San Jose, California – from which Glória has never looked back.

I wonder will Glória sign up for Festival 2012 in Denver, Colorado?  Or Various Voices 2014 – wherever that may be held: Dublin anyone?

My involvement with Glória has been a hugely empowering experience for which I will be eternally grateful.


Written by Frank McMullan

13 June 2010 at 09:03

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