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Dramatis personae: Who’s Who in Silver Stars?

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Firstly, here is the on-stage line-up from the 2009 and 2010 productions of Silver Stars:

Liam Burke

Michael Byrne

Paraic Cullen

Paddy Fagan

Michael Foley

Liam Burke recites “I Can Do That Now” – based on Seán’s interview with Bernard – with chorus backing. He is a successful professional actor, having recently starred in Billy Redden by Alan Flanagan. Liam joined the cast in 2009.

Michael Anthony John Byrne introduces ‘Surrender” – one of the songs based on Seán’s workshops with the cast – and is a member of the chorus. Michael joined the cast in 2009.

Paraic Thomas Peter Cullen recites “No Fear” – the song based on Stephen‘s interview – with chorus backing.

Patrick Joseph Fagan sings “Do Not Let Your Answer Be Silence” – a song based on Robert Rygor‘s speech at the Democratic National Convention – with support from Michael Foley and chorus backing. Paddy is a comedy and cabaret performer extroardinaire in the monthly show Baby Vegas and on Dublin’s burlesque scene; he’s a former AMI winner and also works regularly with comedienne Katherine Lynch.

“Silver Stars has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had: performing in the show internationally, with such a great cast and crew, has been an absolute pleasure. I think its success is because the stories are real and the true meaning of each individual story comes through no matter what.”

Michael Anthony Joseph Foley supports Paddy Fagan on “Do Not Let Your Answer Be Silence” and Paraic on “No Fear” and plays drum.

Erich Keller

Erich Francis Leslie Keller supports Martin on “Surrender” and Pat Morris on “The Gang System”.

Martin McCann

Martin John McCann sings “Surrender” with support from Neil and Erik and chorus backing. He supports Neil on both “You Were Life” and “There is No Greater Joy” and plays drums. Martin is currently involved in the 11’s acoustic project, including currently recording an album for release before year-end. Martin joined the cast in 2009.

“Being in Silver Stars has been a breath of fresh air. It’s important to always have something to look forward to in life and merely wondering what part of the world the show will visit next instills a childlike excitement so often absent. There is no greater joy.”

Frank McMullan

Francis Patrick Mary McMullan sings “I Love You More than God” – the song based on the interview with Aidan Cribbin – with chorus backing.

“Ah, they may tell us they’re not our stories: but we know differently! I, too, had to live with honour. Oh, and I’m totally chuffed with myself to be involved in this significant piece of modern theatre.”

Pat Morris

Patrick Anthony Joseph Morris sings “The Gang System” – the second song based on Seán’s cast workshops – with support from Erik and Neil and chorus backing. Pat joined the cast in 2009.

“Why wish for the moon when you can have silver stars!” 🙂

Neil Watkins

Neil Martin Watkins sings “You Were Life” – based on Seán’s interview with designer Richard Lewis – with support from Martin and chorus backing. He lip synchs John McNeill‘s interview, with lead from Martin and chorus backing on “There Is No Greater Joy”. He supports Martin on “Surrender” and Pat Morris on “The Gang System”. Performance guerrilla, controversial playwright, former Alternative Miss Ireland and the master of ceremonies of boutique performance art night club WERK at the Abbey Theatre… Neil Watkins.

Seán Millar

Seán Millar, composer of the Silver Stars song cycle, plays guitar, keyboard and drum and sings sometimes with the chorus.  Singer, songwriter, poet, aka Doctor Millar, Seán’s music is available for purchase on Retracktor.

Cellists: Gerry Farrelly, Emma McNaughton, Zoe Ní Riordan, Kim V Porcelli and Gill Saunders [3 for each performance]

Directors/Producers: Brokentalkers: Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan

Other interviewees: Brendan Fay, who contributed the video footage from the 1991 St Patrick’s Day parade in New York; Kathleen and Stanley Rygor

2008 cast: Íse; Rodney Devitt; Jack Morrissey; Donncha O’Dea; John Sweetman

Crew: Lian Bell, set design; Jack Cawley; Francis Fay, best boy 🙂 ; Katherine Graham, lighting; Seamus Hanrahan, cast co-ordinator; Miriam Ingram, sound; Paul Keenan, voice coach; Lynette Moran, publicity; Colin Morris, sound; Peter Morrow, sound; Ciarán O’Melia, set design; Sarah Jane Shiels, lighting design; David Tiernan, sound; Kilian Waters

Other collaborators: Dominic Campbell, Bealtaine;  Kate McSweeney, Project Arts Centre

Francis Fay

Donncha O'Dea


Feidlim Cannon

Gary Keegan


Written by Frank McMullan

15 June 2010 at 17:01

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