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Reblog: The Role of the Gay Community in the Great Dialectic (via John McNeill – Spiritual Transformation)

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John McNeill @ 'Silver Stars', Public Theater, New York, January 2010

John McNeill, one of the subjects of Silver Stars, has started a blog on spritual transformation. Here is his latest post:

Along with the emergence of the feminine archetype over the last fifty years, there was a parrellel emergence of a positive gay identity at all levels, social, political, cultural and spiritual all over the world. That emergence has a teleological purpose in the development of the anima-animus mundi. This presence of a visible gay community – for the first time – is an integral part of that dialectic and is another aspect of the rediscovery of the feminine or, what I prefer to call, the balancing of the masculine and feminine in a new synthesis in the human personality… Read more

via John McNeill – Spiritual Transformation


Written by Frank McMullan

27 June 2010 at 09:22

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