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Ryanair: the lowdown low fares airline

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“I do not like thee, Dr Fell…”
Tom Brown (1663-1704), from Marcus Valerius Martial (c40-104)

I was in Dublin airport earlier this week. There were 2 Ryanair staff whose job it was to police passengers whose carry-on baggage mightn’t quite fit in the device for measuring it – even though there would likely be little problem in getting it into the overhead racks on the plane. Many people were ‘caught’. Interestingly, I saw no one attempt to reverse the decision by taking something out of their cases and wearing it – though I’m certain that would have ‘solved’ the problem in many instances. They just took the ‘hit’ and the public humiliation of it and made the best of it. Many others had the indignity of awkwardly pulling their barely-fitting bags out of the measuring devices. I would absolutely hate success in my job to be measured by the numbers of people I caught a couple of cms over the limit.

One guy had a small rucksack as well as his carry-on bag. He wore 2 jackets over the rucksack on his back: his manoeuvre wasn’t spotted by the Ryanair ‘prison’ wardens on duty! Maybe they should be fired!! 😉

Why do I feel this is an awful way to do business? I wonder if a boycott of some description would bring Ryanair to its senses? Or, simply, an action of consumer protest by opening carry-on bags – especially as Ryanair provides customers with no way of testing their bags beforehand – and wearing some of the contents from bags that might thus be made to meet the ‘prison’ rules. The ensuing boarding delays would likely require some action by the airline – though, of course, the rule-ridden way Ryanair operates could easily decide to forbid such second chances. It would, though, further show the company up for what it is.

There’s something sinister about an airline that prides itself on having far less staff than other airlines now having so many on duty at departure gates.  Ryainair’s business model of increased last minute charges etc works perfectly to support this rip-off.


Written by Frank McMullan

9 July 2010 at 17:23

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