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On Wednesday, I took the train from Gent to Groningen. What a wonderful part of the world this is! I met up with my Peruvian friend, Michael, and we were hosted by Michiel, a Dutch friend, who also took great trouble to show us this part of the country. Groningen itself has a lovely old city centre. Seeing many traditional windmills, the countryside now has many many more modern windmills littering the landscape. The seaside town of Harlingen in Friesland must be one of the most beautiful places in Holland.

World Cup fever has taken over the country!! Many were disappointed that Germany were not their opponents for tonight’s final. Some streets are decorated from top to bottom in orange.

2 of the many interesting people we met were an Iranian man of 20, who was granted refugee status in Holland because of his sexual orientation, and one of Holland’s longest AIDS survivors. Having been infected in the early 80s and gone on to develop the syndrome in the early 90s, he still enjoys a good life and has a magnificent garden which he planned from scratch and tends himself. Sadly, Iran still has the death penalty for homosexuals.

On Friday, we travelled by train down to Eindhoven, a more industrial city. We are being hosted here by Bert, another very kind Dutch friend.


Written by Frank McMullan

11 July 2010 at 14:35

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