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Film review: Contracorriente [Undertow]

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Manolo Cardona, Tatiana Astengo & Cristian Mercado

Contracorriente [Undertow] is a new Peruvian movie which was the surprise screening at the GAZE film festival last weekend at the Lighthouse cinema in Dublin’s Smithfield.  Sadly, it was poorly attended – but, I suspect, a surprise slot next year should have a much better attendance!

Despite its fantasy storyline [or maybe, in hindsight, it is more one of the protagonist’s facing his deamons], the movie is a compelling piece of cinema confronting the religious and social mores of a small traditional fishing village community that is faced with the accidental death of a gay outsider in its midst and the bisexuality of one of its own.  Beautifully acted, gorgeously filmed, the story unfolds gently yet passionately as it challenges traditional values and beliefs while still remaining true to them in its own intriguing way.  Life will never be the same again for anyone.  It is stories like these that ultimately show the ordinariness of LGBT people in the world and the way forward for the world to learn to deal with it.  It is a very very fine piece of cinema.

The film trailer features on YouTube.

And – if you missed it – Contracorriente goes on general release in Ireland from today, 6th August.  Ah, maybe that’s why such a good movie was kept as the surpise in the festival! 🙂


Written by Frank McMullan

6 August 2010 at 05:54

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