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Guest Post: A Spiritual Moment: Right and Good! by Glen O’Brien

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I remember reading a definition of ‘coming out’ some years ago:
‘Coming out is not an admission of what I do sexually. It is an affirmation of who I am, psychologically, emotionally, romantically and spiritually.’
I liked it so much that I learned it by heart and have used it on many occasions since.

It places the focus on the all that goes into the make up of people and is nothing if not inclusive. Surely all of us gay people can learn from this definition and in our ‘coming out’ celebrate diversity.

I was very heartened recently to read in GCN some accounts of gay families. What struck me was the ordinariness of the stories, celebrating the reality and diversity of ‘family’. I liked the piece about David and Gary where it says: ‘Both David and Gary say that being married hasn’t changed the nature of their relationship, but David didn’t anticipate the sense of pride involved. “I love introducing Gary as my husband. It feels like something right and good”’


"Coming Out", Glen O'Brien (Editor)


Those last words reminded me of something I read by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright: ‘When we perceive a thing to be beautiful, it is because we instinctively recognise its rightness.’ Is this what David experiences when he introduces his husband? Not so long ago in GCN, there was an article by Father Bernard Lynch who also celebrates the rightness and goodness of having a husband! I thank God that life is endlessly wonderful and even for those of us who are gay and people of faith there can be room for celebrating diversity and family on the margins of church, families that are dysfunctional in so many ways!

Glen O’Brien is author of “Praying from the Margins: Gospel Reflections of a Gay man” [Columba Press, 2001]
He edited “Coming Out: Irish Gay Experiences” [Currach Press, 2003]
– both books are usually available online


Written by Frank McMullan

24 August 2010 at 11:02

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