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Reblog: On My Documentary: Taking A Chance On God (via John McNeill – Spritual Transformation)

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John McNeill, Charlie Chiarelli, Seán Millar, Kathleen Rygor, Brendan Fay & Stanley Rygor @ 'Silver Stars', January 2010, New York

Both John McNeill and Brendan Fay feature in Silver Stars. John’s first book “The Church and the Homosexual” [Beacon Press, 4th edition, 1993] was my first glimpse of a different way of understanding purported biblical prohibitions on homosexuality: it is a life-changing book.  Brendan is a documentary film maker, most noted for “The Saint of 9/11” about the life of Fr Mychal Judge, a Franciscan priest, who died in the World Trade Center in New York. Brendan now has a documentary about the life of Fr John, a former Jesuit, at the final editing stage. Here is John’s recent post on the forthcoming documentary.

The documentary on my life and ministry finally has a title. During the four years it was being produced, we gave it the tentative title “Uncommon Jesuit.” Most critics thought that title was too narrow and failed to catch the essence of the documentary. I titled the second book I wrote on GLBT spirituality “Taking A Chance On God: Liberating Theology for Gays, Lesbians, and Their Lovers, Families, and Friends” [Beacon Press, 1996]. On the occasion of our marriage in Canada in September, 2008, after 42 years of partnership, my partner Charlie Chiarelli inscribed my ring with the title of my second book, “Taking A Chance On God”. He then inscribed his ring “Taking A Chance On Jack”. 🙂 Everyone involved in producing the documentary is convinced that the title “Taking a Chance On God” is the perfect title for my documentary… Read more

via John McNeill – Spiritual Transformation


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28 August 2010 at 08:29

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  1. […] York Fire Department, who died at the World Trade Center], is currently finalising his latest work, Taking a Chance on God, the story of the life and work of John McNeill.  The documentary is scheduled to be premiered in […]

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