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Proinnsias Ó Duinn conducting an outdoor performance of Handel's "Messiah". Photo: Frank Miller, The Irish Times

In another fit of madness – this blog is one too – I set up the Choral Ireland e-mail list way back in 1999.  It stemmed from my love of choral music and my involvement in another e-mail list: I kept wondering might there be some way to use such a list to the benefit of choirs and enthusiasts in Ireland.

It has been a success beyond my wildest dreams.  Choral Ireland has become a prime place for sharing upcoming concert and other information about the choral music scene in Ireland.  Approaching 5,000 messages have already gone out on the list over the years.  There are currently over 500 subscribers.

David Maxwell, musical director of Fingal Chamber Choir, Kieran Tully, tenor, and Lyn Carroll, soprano, have been a great support over the years as fellow-moderators of the e-mail list.  Kieran currently sings with the Mornington Singers; Lyn currently sings with Fingal Chamber.  David had been the linchpin of the e-mail list for many years.

Nitty gritty:  The e-mail list is facilitated under Yahoo! GroupsSubscription to the Choral Ireland e-mail list does not necessarily require registration with Yahoo! the way it works.  Nor is it required for access to the on-line Message archive, the way Choral Ireland is set up.  Registration with Yahoo! however, gives access to all other on-line features including members, photos, calendar and database etc.  Unsubscribing from the list is quite easy.


Written by Frank McMullan

30 August 2010 at 12:48

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